ReVision the Art of Recyling Exhibition 2019


Every minute, one garbage truck of plastic enters the world’s oceans.  That is more than eight million tons in one year.  As plastic takes centuries to break down, there is an urgent need to address the environmental disaster now poisoning our oceans.

We need to promote recycling as a step in the direction of controlling all wastes at the source - a critical spiritual and cultural transformation in society.

To raise awareness and help educate the public, I have am launching ReVision  The Art of Recycling - a non profit society of artists dedicated to saving our environment. ReVision artists create amazing artwork by upcycling waste materials and discarded objects.

Our show at the Burnaby Deer Lake Gallery commences Sept. 21 with a reception and runs to Oct 26 with a wind up party.

 Each weekend we plan workshops, artist talks and interactive events including finally a bad art sale and trash fashion show.                                                                   

Eleven local artists will display in the gallery a wide range of artpieces created from found objects and discarded materials, from Yorke Graham’s mischievous comic assemblages to Marcia Pitch’s tortured mutant creatures. Outside the gallery there will be more large pieces by local artists – hybrid organisms created from discarded metal and old car parts.

All ReVision artists are passionate about art that expresses care for the environment and sparks a new attitude towards our material world.

Make a difference and be the change! Join us in our adventure.

Ron Simmer


Sept 21 Opening noon reception.
Oct. 5: Abby Green Bull - Found Sound Rhythm Drum Circle
Oct 6:  Lori Goldberg - Workshop on art from waste plastics.
Oct 26  Wrap Party including Trash Fashion show and bad art sale

The Deer Lake Gallery is located at 6584 Deer Lake Ave
Burnaby, B.C. V5G 3T7