Bad Art Call celebrating ReVision the art of Recycling.


Have you created art that you hated?

Are you ashamed of some of the art you are hoarding? Do you have artwork that no longer brings you joy? Gifted artworks of eccentric taste? Now it is the time to do a Marie Kondo and dispose of it to the Deer Lake Art Gallery, a fundraiser organized by the Burnaby Arts Council.

Enjoy that warm fuzzy feeling of giving to a good cause and making room for things that give you joy! And other art lovers with different tastes will have a chance to buy your orphan art! Your art will be displayed in the lower depths of the Deer Lake Art Gallery for the duration of the ReVision exhibition. On the last day, October 26, we will celebrate the recycling of your rejected art. Any art that is not sold will be shredded on the spot and used for compost in my garden.


The sale will be held in our rustically lighted basement pit hole. Bad Art exhibition in the basement from September 21 – October 26. Prices vary, starting from $10.

Come and purchase/buy and take home your recycled bad art on October 26 from 7 – 9 pm after the Trash Fashion show. 

Drop your finest surplus bad art to the Deer Lake Art Gallery during open hours from 12 to 4pm from Tuesdays to Saturdays . 2D work will be accepted only. If you need help dropping off your art email 

All the best,
Ron Simmer